Emergency Medical Center

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American Family Medical Center operating at North American Emergency Medical Center Building.
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    Our Mission Statement

    To be the primary source of quality health care and go-to provider of convenient urgent care in the community we serve through holistic and compassionate services.

  • What is Urgent Care?

    Urgent Care Centers provide treatment for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries that occur on a day-to-day basis. They are equipped to serve the entire family, including children, and can handle a variety of conditions ranging from sinusitis and pneumonia to lacerations and fractures. You can receive immediate care for general illness treatments like colds and flu, X-rays, lab services, pediatrics, immunizations, occupational health, and more.

    Fast service for all healthcare, and not only urgent emergencies!

    Walk-in clinic facilities are near you for a reason—to provide immediate care nearby during emergencies and convenient care services, such as flu shots, X-rays, lab services, pediatrics, immunizations, occupational health, and more. Feel free to walk-in or make an appointment at our medical clinic for quick care without having to travel to a hospital. Our express care is served by a team of doctors with a variety of skill sets and specialties to address your healthcare needs effectively.

    Walk-in anytime!

    American Family Medical Center provides immediate care near you even without an appointment! Our immediate care clinic is designed around providing the best urgent care near your home without having to visit the ER or arrange an appointment at a hospital.

    Moreover, our real-time urgent care appointment system allows you to see which hours are open for immediate care with our team of skilled urgent care doctors. Less time scheduling appointments is the convenient care we offer all our West Chicago patients. We are state accredited by UCAOA, ensuring our facility meets the highest standards of professional medical care.