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At North American Emergency Medical Center, our sports medicine specialists offer superior care. We provide a variety of different treatments for our patients needing sports medicine treatment for acute to chronic health concerns. We are proud to serve the needs of our patients from Downers Grove, IL, Westmont, IL, and the nearby areas with quality medical care from experienced doctors.
For patients suffering from acute to chronic pain resulting from sports or physical exercise, our attentive doctors have treated all varieties of injuries and have the knowledge to offer effective sports medicine solutions. You can depend on our capable medical team to provide the complete care and attention you deserve.

For quality care offered by compassionate sports medicine doctors, there is no better choice than our medical center. We are the premier choice in sports medicine providing a variety of different treatments to ensure our patients get the relief they need. Whether you're experiencing mild pain or heightened pain due to a traumatic accident or injury, we have the skill and experience to successfully treat your health concern.

Contact North American Emergency Medical Center to schedule an appointment with a sports medicine specialist by calling us at (630) 963-6912. We look forward to offering you safe and reliable care in our state of the art medical center.
Caring Specialists

Caring Specialists

Our clinic's skilled and experienced sports medicine specialists specialize in treating patients who suffer from a wide variety of pain. Heightened or persistent pain brought on by surgery or illness can be a major pain but we have the skills and experience to treat it all!

Whatever your sports medicine needs, you can count on our professionals to get you back and moving again!
Spinal, care

Compassionate Spinal Care

You'll find that some of the common procedures our sports medicine doctors use to treat you include epidural steroid injections for spinal conditions, joint injections, nerve blocks and more. There's no question that our level of compassionate care is one of the things that sets us apart. We treat you like family!

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You can rely on the experience and skill of our amazing staff! We're here for all your sports medicine needs.
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