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An exercise tolerance test, also referred to as an ECG test, is used to test the coronary circulation of a person in a resting state in comparison to during heavy physical exertion. 

These tests are very important and provide information about an individual’s health. North American Emergency Medical Center offers exercise testing for patients from Downers Grove, IL, Westmont, IL, and the surrounding areas.

How Does ECG Tests Work?

A cardiac stress test is performed using heart stimulation through an exercise in a safe and controlled environment. The patient is monitored throughout the entire time of the cardiac and treadmill stress test to ensure their health and well-being.

Why is the Exercise Stress Test Needed?

An ECG is a valuable health assessment tool which tells you how your body performs under stress, which is simulated with exercise. The results can demonstrate a patient’s likelihood of having heart disease and can indicate whether or not further evaluation will be helpful. The test is also used to determine whether there is sufficient blood flow to the heart during periods of exercise.

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